From West Point to Google

Keith Weinstein


In this interview former Army Captain Keith Weinstein (class of 1999) discusses his path to West Point, his experiences at the Academy, and his decision to become a Signal Officer. He discusses his deployments to South Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq, his decision to transition out of the Army and subsequent professional path to becoming a network engineer at Google. In this candid interview, he pulls no punches when it comes to Army talent management and retention as well as the red tape and bureaucracy that so often plagues the Department of Defense. He contrasts the Silicon Valley culture and business process with that of the Department of Defense and the larger military industrial complex, suggesting that the latter has much to learn from the former.


conflicts Iraq War Afghanistan War
topics West Point History Cyber Security and Warfare
interviewer David Gioe
date 02 October 2017


name Keith Weinstein
institution USMA
graduation year 1999
service Signal
service dates 1999