“Maneuvering In An Information Environment”: Providing Cyber Capabilities In A Digital World

John Davis


MG(R) John A. Davis graduated from the Military Academy in 1980 and became an Infantry Officer, serving in the 82nd Airborne, the Berlin Brigade, and the Ranger Regiment. In 1995 as a Major, while serving as the Ground and Information Operations Planner for the United States Atlantic Command (Navy), he began to track into the Information Operations world, eventually rising to be the Director of Current Operations for the US Cyber Command, and the Senior Military Advisor for Cyber to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy before retiring in 2015. Throughout his interview, he explains Information Operations and Information Warfare, describing the organizations that support both. He talks about the genesis of Cyber Command, and discusses how cyber operations provide a wide array of capabilities to commanders that can be more precise and reversible than traditional kinetic power. Finally, he reflects on the importance of teamwork across branches and services, as well as civil to military and even internationally.


topics Cyber Security and Warfare Leadership Teamwork West Point History
interviewer Nick Sambaluk
date 15 May 2015


name John Davis
institution USMA
graduation year 1980
service Infantry
unit US Atlantic Command; JSOC; 1st IO Brigade; Cyber Command
specialty Information Operations / Information Warfare
service dates 1980 2015