“West Point Is Home”: Strengthening The Bonds As A Double Legacy Cadet And Army Rugby Player

Jason Green


Jason Green was born into an Army family. Both of his parents were West Point graduates, his dad Wayne in 1987 and his mom Tara in 1994. Jason and his three siblings grew up in many different locations, including Germany, Virginia, Texas, Kansas, and New Jersey, but West Point, was his home longer than any other location. In high school, he played soccer and participated in Junior ROTC. Between his junior and senior year, he participated in the Summer Leaders Experience, and appreciated the military aspects of the training. He remembers getting his hair cut at the start of Beast Barracks in 2016, and bringing too much from home. He recalls a classmate helping him zip his duffle bag shut, demonstrating the importance of teamwork. He excelled physically, and enjoyed his DPE (Department of Physical Education) classes. A family friend, Randy Pais (a USMA ‘67 grad and CASA with his own interview on this web site), recommended that he try out for Rugby. That decision shaped much of his West Point experience, and the Army Rugby team became part of his family, making him a better Soldier, leader, and man. He describes the culture within the team as emphasizing the importance of sharing valuable lessons and holding each other accountable. Militarily, his hard work resulted in his selection as a Beast Company Commander, and then the Commander of 2nd Battalion, 3rd Regiment. He did well academically and, through majoring in Systems Engineering, met some great Engineer Officers who inspired him to choose that branch. Near the end of the interview he explains how the COVID-19 pandemic shaped his final semester at the academy, including shortening the rugby season. After graduation, he will attend the Engineer course with a follow-on assignment in Hawaii. In this interview, he talks about his childhood, his decision to attend West Point, and his plans for the future. He describes many of his experiences at the Academy, ranging from lessons he learned in Beast to leadership positions he had in the Corps. He recalls being the Platoon Leader in CLDT (Cadet Leader Development Training) when the vehicle rolled over and Cadet C.J. Morgan was killed. Throughout his interview, he discusses how the rugby team contributed to his development. He notes the importance of having his younger brother Nolan (now a Cow / Junior) at the Academy. Finally, he explains what West Point means to him.


topics West Point History Army Athletics Leadership Teamwork Camaraderie COVID-19
interviewer David Siry
date 10 June 2020


name Jason Green
institution USMA
graduation year 2020
service Engineer
specialty Army Rugby
service dates 2020