“You Make A Mistake, But You Can Recover From It”: The Journey To Honorable Living At West Point

Larry Trey Bailey


Trey Bailey grew up in San Antonio, Texas, the son of high school educators. His father is a coach, and his mother is a counselor. One of his mentors, his godfather, a 1975 graduate of West Point, was instrumental in Trey’s decision to attend the Military Academy, as was the example of his grandfather, a Vietnam War helicopter pilot. Trey attended the Prep School and found that experience very developmental, enabling him to meet classmates from all over the United States. When he started at West Point, he enjoyed the training of Beast Barracks (Cadet Basic Training), but experienced difficulty during the academic year. He was on spring break his Plebe year with his uncle in Atlanta when the COVID-19 Pandemic started, and he eventually quarantined in Texas with his parents and brother. At home, he put academics on the back burner, enjoying time at home with family and friends. As exams approached, he feared failure, and persistent insecurities plagued him. He rationalized cheating on his physics exam, but after his conscience bothered him, he admitted his mistake to his godfather, who told him to be honest. Trey then told his TAC and his physics professor, and entered the Willful Admission Program. After his honor board, he was enrolled in SLDP-H (Special Leader Development Program for Honor). Through SLDP-H, Trey has reflected upon why he cheated and become more introspective. He has developed additional skills and a deeper understanding to help him maintain honorable living. At the end of his interview, he provides advice to Cadets about maintaining honor, and discusses what West Point means to him.


topics Honor Character Leadership West Point History
interviewer Ron Braasch
date 28 April 2021


name Larry Trey Bailey
institution USMA
graduation year 2023