Leadership Challenges: Combat, Cadet Honor Scandals, And Recruiting An All-Volunteer Army

Robert Radcliffe


Bob Radcliffe grew up in a family that moved frequently as his father, a chemical engineer, changed employment. He became familiar with West Point while living in the Northeast, and when he was recruited as a football player by West Point, he saw the opportunity to join the Long Gray Line. At West Point he played Lacrosse in lieu of football, and was selected as a 1st Team All-American his senior year. Upon graduation in 1965, he branched Infantry and served in Airborne, Airmobile, Light Infantry, and Special Forces units. He served as a Tactical Officer at USMA and as a Planner in Training and Doctrine Command. He ended his career serving eight years in the Army Recruiting Command as a District Commander, Deputy Brigade Commander, and Inspector General for Recruiting Command. In his interview he discusses his experiences as a rifle platoon leader in combat, his service at West Point during the assimilation of women and the EE304 Honor Scandal, and the challenges of recruiting for an all-volunteer Army.


conflicts Vietnam War
topics USMA 1965 Spring 1976 Cheating Incident West Point History Army Athletics Leadership
interviewer Fred Laughlin
date 10 October 2017


name Robert Radcliffe
institution USMA
graduation year 1965
service Infantry
unit 2/506th , 101st Airborne Division; 1/12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division; MAAG Iran, 46th Special Forces Company, Thailand; Tactical Officer, USMA; 25th Infantry Division, Headquarters, Training and Doctrine Command; US Army Recruiting Command
specialty Light Infantry, Special Forces, Strategic Planning and Personnel Management
service dates 1965 1991