A Homecoming Queen Comes Home To West Point: The Love Story Of Rosemarie And Dave Kuhn ‘65

Rosemarie (Stanton) Kuhn


During the 1963 football season, Rosemarie Stanton was crowned Homecoming Queen by Coach Paul Dietzel following Army’s 22-0 win over Cincinnati, but her association with West Point started in 1961. Rosemarie was born in 1945 and grew up in Los Angeles, attending Bel Air junior and senior high. She enjoyed spending time outdoors, and as a young girl, could often be found riding her bike, playing tennis, or hiking the hills in jeans and a flannel shirt. She met her future husband, Dave Kuhn, crossing the street on the coast highway, and thought he was cute. On December 17, 1960, Rosemarie and Dave went on their first date (and shared their first kiss). In the summer of 1961, Dave was admitted to West Point and the two began a long-distance courtship sustained by letters, the occasional phone call, and Rosemarie’s occasional trips to West Point. She flew to New York for Dave’s Plebe Christmas (Plebes were not permitted to take Christmas Leave back then) and stayed at the Hotel Thayer, visiting with her true love for the 12 Days of Christmas. In the fall of 1963, Dave submitted Rosemarie’s picture for the homecoming court, and she was selected by Pete Elson to represent 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment. She flew back to West Point, where she was interviewed before the game and presented on the field at half-time. During the banquet that evening, she was crowned Homecoming Queen by the head football coach. In the fall of 1964, she once again returned to New York, this time renting an apartment in the city with three friends so she could be closer to Dave during his final year at the Academy. While in New York, she took jobs as a model, and frequently came to West Point to watch Dave’s track meets (he set a record in the triple jump). After graduation, Dave was sworn into the Air Force on the Supe’s lawn, and then Rosemarie and Dave drove across the country to California. Rosemarie returned to college while Dave reported to Williams Air Force Base near Phoenix. During flight training, Rosemarie and Dave were married on December 21, 1965. An assignment to Charleston Air Force Base followed, and Rosemarie took a job teaching elementary school. When Dave was notified of a pending deployment to Vietnam, Rosemarie moved back home with their baby to live with her parents. In California, she realized that some people in American had no clue what was happening overseas when a friend asked her why Dave chose to go to Vietnam. During his deployment, Dave was able to fly home twice to California. After returning home in 1970, Dave left the Air Force and entered the civilian sector, taking time for Rosemarie and their family. In this interview, Rosemarie and Dave share their love story as it grew from high school to the present day. She talks about her life, highlighting her time as a model and raising kids, as well as sharing stories of her work at the church and in real estate. They talk about their faith and how that has helped them throughout their lives. During the interview, she highlights why West Point is important to her and to the country as well.


conflicts Vietnam War
topics Camaraderie Army Athletics Teamwork Military Family Life After Military USMA 1965
interviewer David Siry
date 06 October 2023


name Rosemarie (Stanton) Kuhn
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