“An Army Officer’s Life Involves A Great Deal Of Teaching”: Lifelong Pursuit Of Education

Harold Moorman


COL(R) Harold Moorman was born in 1915 in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, and went to live with an uncle when his father, a Signal Officer who specialized in cryptology, deployed to World War I on Pershing’s staff. He followed in his older brother’s footsteps (USMA 34) by attending the Military Academy. He did well in academics and enjoyed his time at West Point. Upon graduation, he branched Infantry, spending his first three years in the Army at Ft. Benning. Having been selected to teach French at West Point, he could not attend the Sorbonne in Paris due to the German occupation, and went to Laval University in Quebec instead, earning his first Master’s Degree. Because his assignment at West Point lasted until 1946, he missed World War II. He then assumed Battalion Command in Japan in the 19th Infantry, but relinquished command before the start of the Korean War. Later he served in the Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) in Formosa (Taiwan) from 1953-1955 and MAAG Vietnam from 1960-1961. He also served as the Professor of Military Science at Dartmouth University, where he earned his second Master’s Degree. He then commanded the 4th Battle Group in the 30th Infantry, before retiring as a Colonel in 1964 and returning to Dartmouth to work in Student Services. He describes his career as one of either teaching or learning throughout his service, and reflects on what West Point means to him.


conflicts World War I World War II Korean War Vietnam War
topics Leadership Teamwork West Point History
interviewer Ryan Parker
date 22 May 2017


name Harold Moorman
institution USMA
graduation year 1938
service Infantry
unit 29th Infantry; 19th Infantry (Japan); MAAG Formosa; PMS Dartmouth; MAAG Vietnam; 4th Battle Group, 30th Infantry
specialty French Instructor, Department of Modern Languages
service dates 1938 1964