Creating A Mission And Building A Team: The Importance Of Community In The Army And In Business

Spencer Kympton


Spencer Kympton, the son of a West Point graduate, grew up in an Army family. As a Cadet, he realized that the Military Academy was the right place for him, and he flourished under the discipline and sense of community he felt along the Hudson. Initially, he planned on branching Infantry, but later selected Aviation because the mission appealed to him. As a pilot, he served in Korea, Fort Campbell, Honduras, and Bosnia, and had the opportunity to participate in not only air assault missions, but also humanitarian relief and drug interdiction missions. In 2002, he left the military and entered Harvard Business school, where he used some of the skills he developed at West Point and in the military to succeed. He initially worked for a consulting firm, but always felt drawn to organizations that fostered a sense of mission and community in their business model. Currently, he is the president of The Mission Continues, an organization that works to get veterans more involved in their communities. In this interview, Spencer Kympton talks about his childhood, his decision to attend West Point, and his successes in the academic, military, and physical pillars. He describes his experiences as an Army aviator and highlights several of his unique missions, including supporting medical outreach in Central and South America. He discusses his entry into the business world, and explains how he seeks to make positive changes in people’s lives. Finally, he reflects upon what West Point means to him.


topics Camaraderie Character Leadership Life After Military Military Family Peacekeeping Teamwork
interviewer David Siry
date 20 October 2017


name Spencer Kympton
institution USMA
graduation year 1994
service Aviation
unit 9/101
service dates 1994 2002