A Merging Of Cultures: A German Bride Becomes An Army Spouse

Ingrid (Klaus) Locurcio


In a special bonus to BG(R) Locurcio’s interview, we have a brief discussion with his wife, Ingrid (Klaus) Locurcio, whom he met in Germany. She describes her childhood in post-war Germany, and her early recollections of meeting, and later dating, American Soldiers. She reflects on her wedding, and some of the issues that arise in an inter-faith (Catholic – Protestant) ceremony. She discusses earning her citizenship, her experience as an Army spouse when her husband was deployed to Vietnam, and her time as a Red Cross Volunteer. She explains some of the things she misses about Germany, and how she incorporates various customs from home into her holiday celebrations. Finally, she comments on her experiences as an Army spouse over her husband’s career.


conflicts Vietnam War
topics Civilians Military Families Military Family Faith and Religion USMA 1965
interviewer David Siry
date 16 October 2017


name Ingrid (Klaus) Locurcio
specialty Army Spouse