The Author Of Her Own Story: An Air Force Electronic Warfare Officer On Achieving Success

Kera Rolsen


Kera Rolsen grew up in North Carolina with her mother, a flight attendant, and your younger brother, who is currently serving in the Navy Reserve. She describes herself as a bookish, nerdish jock who kept busy with a variety of sports, band, and reading. In high school, she participated in the Civil Air Patrol, enjoying the structure it provided. She attended West Virginia University, majored in physics, and participated in Air Force ROTC. She was wearing her Air Force uniform to class on September 11, 2001, and describes that day in detail. She commissioned as a navigator, knew she wanted bombers, and was assigned to the B-52, becoming an Electronic Warfare Officer. She was distinguished graduate at the Weapons School, where she later served as an instructor, and completed Air Command and Staff College and the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies. She has deployed four times, served as an Aide-de-Camp to the Commanding General of the 8th Air Force, and will be taking command of the 87th Electronic Warfare Squadron. In this interview, she talks about her childhood and deciding to join the Air Force. She describes her experiences flying on a B-52, and her role as an Electronic Warfare Officer. She discusses the B-52’s role in nuclear deterrence and as a conventional bomber. She reflects on some discrimination she’s faced, both due to her career field and being a woman. Near the end of the interview, she shares some of her hobbies, including long-distance running (she recently completed an ultra-marathon) and writing. Finally, she states that the Air Force means family.


name Kera Rolsen
institution West Virginia University
graduation year 2004
service Air Force
unit 16th Electronic Warfare Squadron; 87th Electronic Warfare Squadron
specialty Electronic Warfare Officer, Navigator, USAF Weapons School, Nuclear Deterrence
service dates 2001