“When You Help Others, The Returns Are Multiplied”: Caring For Army Families

Patty Shinseki


Patty Shinseki grew up in Hawaii, and met her husband when they were in 7th grade. She dated Ric Shinseki throughout his time at West Point, and was finishing graduate work at Columbia when he was a firstie. They married shortly thereafter. As an Army spouse, she maintained the home, raised a family, and cared for others while her husband was deployed, recovering from his wounds, and training. Her faith and values helped sustain her through many challenging times. In this interview, she talks about her childhood, the sense of community she felt in Hawaii, and her experiences as an Army spouse. She describes how family support and readiness groups have changed over time, and asserts that the military does a better job caring for families now. Finally, she provides her perspective on life at the senior levels of the military and civil service.


conflicts Vietnam War
topics Military Families Military Family Injuries USMA 1965
interviewer Fredric Laughlin
date 18 May 2017


name Patty Shinseki
specialty Army Spouse