Changing Hearts With Love: From Special Forces To Missionary Work

Dave Eubank


Dave Eubank grew up in the jungles of Thailand. His father, a Korean War Veteran and Engineer Officer, and his mother, a former Broadway actress, moved the family there after they became missionaries. Participating in Boy Scouts in the jungle was especially formative for him as he learned field-craft and self-reliance. He returned to America to attend Texas A&M, and cried when he saw the Golden Gate Bridge. Graduating with an ROTC commission, he became an Infantry Officer, serving in Panama and other Latin American countries. During his time in the military, he served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion and 1st Special Forces Group. In 1992, he left the Army to attend the Fuller Theological Seminary, where he met his wife, Karen. While in seminary, he was called to be a missionary in Burma. He founded the Free Burma Rangers, a group dedicated to bringing “help, hope, and love to people in the conflict zones of Burma, Iraq, and Sudan.” In this interview, he talks about his childhood, learning how to survive in the jungle, attending Texas A&M, and becoming an Army Officer. He describes his military service, highlighting his experiences around the globe. Finally, he discusses the Free Burma Rangers and their missions in Burma, Iraq, and Sudan, including using love and understanding to mitigate tense situations.


name Dave Eubank
institution Texas A&M
graduation year 1983
service Infantry / Special Forces
unit 2nd Ranger Battalion; 1st Special Forces Group
specialty Missionary
service dates 1983 1992